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Frequently Asked Questions


Our housecleaning services are just what you need.Each home is custom bid to meet the customer’s needs with a guarantee on the quality of work performed.

How often will you clean my home?

Customized house cleaning services are available weekly, every other week, 3 week rotations or monthly service. Each home is custom bid to meet the customer’s needs with a guarantee on the quality of work performed.

Do I have to be home when you are cleaning?

No, as long as you have a way to let us in when you are not home there is no reason for you to have to be there. However, if it makes you feel more comfortable we welcome you to stay and watch what we do.

What to expect before the clean?

Before our cleaning team arrives, we’ll review the details of your cleaning plan. Most customers are either at work or busy with other plans when we clean, so it’s quite common for them to provide us with their garage code or a spare key.

Can I get an over the phone estimate or do you have to come to my home?

We offer in home, over the phone, and written estimates. All estimates are free and hold no obligation. To get a written estimate you will have to go to our “estimate” tab on our website and fill out the information. In order to give an accurate house cleaning estimate we will need to know what type of service and how many square feet we will be cleaning.

How do I pay for my cleaning services?

You can either pay with a check, Mastercard/Visa, or online. A check is used by leaving it with us at the office, or leaving it on your kitchen table for our cleaning crew to pick up. We also take Master card and Visa, we will take your card number and then charge the amount after the service is finished. We recently added an option to make your payment online.

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