For over 10 years, customers have welcomed the trusted cleaning professionals from locally owned and operated Molly Maid businesses into their homes and end of Tenancy cleaning.


RM&K Cleaners ensures the highest professional standard for post-construction and post-renovation clean-up of your property. RM&K Cleaners is here to help you


This service from RM&K Cleaners involves the use of professional industrial equipment such as high-performance vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, pressure washers, and more.

 Cleaning Services in London

Worried about your commercial or residential cleaning? Stop worrying now, because RM&K Cleaning is here with the right cleaning services in London for you. You are no longer responsible to clean your home. Our qualified and experienced cleaners would come to your place and provide high-finished cleaning to your property. Undoubtedly, we can turn an old, dirty, dusty, and highly disturbed property into a decent and appealing place through our excellent cleaning services.

Cleaning is one of the most hectic jobs that no one wants to do but our expert cleaners are always ready to clean your home, office, shop, or restaurant. Whatever you want to clean you can call us and we will be on your doorsteps within no time. Being professionals, we feel glad to have a wonderful experience with 10000+ clients in the last 7 years in London. As we offer a wide range of cleaning services, we can meet your expectations and demands easily. Our cleaning services include end of tenancy cleaning Southall, deep window cleaning, after builder cleaning, domestic cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, garden cleaning, residential cleaning, and commercial cleaning. All f these services are performed by specialized and highly qualified cleaners that are working for a long time at RM&K Cleaning Services.

Why cleaning your home is so important?

No doubt, cleaning is the basic requirement to have a happy and healthy living at your home. Your rooms, kitchens, terrace, stairs, drawing room, dining room, bathrooms, and every spot of your home should remain neat and clean. A dirty and unclean home gives a bad impression to the visitors, guests, and friends whoever comes to your home. Moreover, it looks really bad and annoying when your home is not properly cleaned. Once you get your home cleaning by expert cleaners, you can find the solution to different problems that arise due to the dirtiness of your home.

For the good health of your family especially the kids and your pets, it is important to have a neat and clean environment at home. RM&K Cleaning is offering excellent services of home cleaning in London at very competitive and reasonable prices. We believe in the utmost satisfaction of our valued clients with our exciting cleaning services. We can renew your home with our home cleaning services using the right cleaning tools and equipment and expert cleaning hands.

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning in London

Your carpets need professional cleaning when they get dirty or you find oil, grease, or another liquid spot on your carpets. Especially after the kids’ birthday party or another event at home, the carpets get very much dirt, dust, and other unwanted particles that should be removed from here.

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Window Cleaning in London

This is something different in cleaning services that we offer to our clients in London. In window cleaning, we clean the windows from any height with no excuse. Undoubtedly, this is a tough job especially when it comes to clean the windows of an apartment on heights. Therefore, we take all safety and security measures while cleaning your windows.

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Gutter Cleaning in London

Gutter Cleaning Service since 2014 is a great service provider means having complete and total confidence in the people providing Gutter cleaning services, and we’re proud to have the best Gutter cleaning in the business working with us.

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House Cleaning in London

RM&K Cleaning is the most reliable domestic & commercial cleaning agency in the business. There is no such thing as a task too big or a task too small for our 7 years experience in professional domestic home cleaning service.

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Oven Cleaning in London

The dinner last night was delicious, but in the morning the whole kitchen is a total mess. RM&K Cleaning professional cleaners know that cleaning the oven is really unpleasant for you, so we are ready to make it for you.

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Curtains Cleaning in London

Dry cleaning curtains is the most effective way to remove dust and dirt from your curtains. Curtains act as a dust trap within the home and having them regularly cleaned is a good way to reduce dust.

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Office Cleaning in London

End of Tenancy Cleaning Ruislip

Your office is the most important place for your business where you deal with your clients, customers, employees, and visitors. Therefore it should be neat and clean so that it may give a good impression to the clients and customers. Thus, we are here for you with the finest office cleaning services in London. We can turn an ordinary office into a decent, beautiful, and clean place for your employees, managers, clients, and customers.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning London

Before leaving your the rental property you need to clean it thoroughly. When you remove your households and furniture from your property, the property looks dirty and even hilarious. We are offering the right end of tenancy cleaning services to our clients in which we clean the property and make it fresh and ready for the other family to shift in it.

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After Builders Cleaning London

end of Tenancy Cleaning services in Hounslow

This is something that you can’t do yourselves because this type of cleaning is the most hectic and time taking. When the construction of your home or office is completed and you are going to shift on it the first thing you need is post-construction cleaning. All the concrete, paint, and dust particles are to be removed thoroughly. For this job, we are the best option for you. Our after builder cleaning services are available for you to serve you with our best cleaning assistance.

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RM&K Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning

You can say that we both are made for each other. Domestic cleaning is the speciality service that we offer to our valued clients to clean their property from head to foot. In this cleaning service, we don’t leave a single spot unclean because we are responsible for every dark spot and every single dust particle on your floor, windows, furniture, and walls. Thus we do our job perfectly and we never compromise with the quality of service while doing domestic cleaning or another type of cleaning at your home.  Undoubtedly, RM&K Cleaning is providing the best domestic cleaning in London at minimal prices. Our expert domestic cleaners in London know how to clean your property without harming anything. Therefore you don’t need to worry about anything regarding the safety and security of your precious/sensitive households & furniture.

Domestic cleaning is something in which you will get everything cleaned from the floor to the ceiling fans. To clean your home thoroughly in domestic cleaning, we use the latest cleaning equipment and most effective cleaning liquids that help us to make your home neat and clean within the shortest time.

Our local cleaners in London will bring the necessary tools and detergents to scrub, clean and polish every square inch of your home. We use the most high-tech vacuum cleaners and the best mops. These machines will help us to scrub every item in your house to shine. We polish the surfaces and furniture. With our local cleaning services, you can enjoy more rebates. If you check our list of services, you will find that we have and other operations that make your fancies a reality. For example, you can combine end of tenancy cleaning with gardening services or window cleaning and the prices go down.

Hire the Best Cleaners in London

Being professionals, we have some of the best house cleaners in London that are skilled, experienced, and dedicated to work hard. There is nothing difficult for our cleaners while cleaning your property because they have worked on different types of cleaning projects. Thus our cleaners understand the right solutions for different cleaning problems. We send our most experienced cleaners to your doorsteps fully equipped to meet your cleaning expectations and demands on time. No matter how hard the job is our expert cleaners never give up until your property is not perfectly cleaned. You can choose the cleaners from our website whether you want male cleaners, female cleaners, or both or your property according to your privacy.

Why choose RM&K Cleaning for cleaning solutions in London?

Well, if you are looking for the best cleaners in London to clean your home or commercial property then RM&K Cleaning is definitely the best place for you. This is because we have some fantastic cleaners for you that will turn your dirty home into a brand new house where you can happily invite anyone to meet you, to visit your home, or to attend a party. We love to change the overall appearance dramatically with our excellent cleaning services. Therefore we are dedicated to work hard and surprise our valued clients with the finest cleaning services. Not only that, but our experts are very decent, peaceful, and friendly in nature who never let you complain regarding their services or their behavior on duty.

Besides all that, we charge highly competitive prices for our super cleaning services. This is because we always try our best to satisfy our customers and clients both with the quality and prices of our services. Our cleaning services in London include the followings.

Furniture cleaning in London

The furniture is the most noticeable part of your home that should look decent, neat, and clean all the time. We can help you with our best furniture cleaning services in which we can clean your chairs, beds, sofas, dressing, and everything you have at home or office. We have specialized furniture cleaners for you at our company. These are some important services that you will easily find at RM&K Cleaning solutions. We feel the pride to serve our valued clients with our best services. Your satisfaction is our first priority. Therefore we always take care of your feelings and emotions while working at your place. Our professional cleaners know very well how to keep the clients happy and satisfied not only by work but with the way of doing work at their place.

Residential Cleaning in London

Being one of the most recognized cleaning companies in London we are offering the best residential cleaning services to our clients at competitive prices. We can clean any type of residential property whether it’s your house, flat, apartment, farmhouse, or even hostel. RM&K Cleaning is always there for you. We will make your residence a healthy and fresh place for your beautiful family through our excellent house cleaning services in London. Our experts can clean your windows perfectly and make them spotless and shiny using the best Residential cleaning chemicals.

What Client Says About Us

“RM&K Cleaning has been such a pleasure to work with as their professionalism, quick response time, and attention to detail while cleaning has proved them to be an asset for us in the property management industry.”

Diana Davis, London

“This company has been with RMK Cleaning for quite some time now. We are totally satisfied with the service we receive and would highly recommend them. Thanks for doing such a great job.”

Jessica Bowen, Southall

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